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OC Avatar State Sakura by Pixleigh OC Avatar State Sakura :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 8 1
LegendofSakuraChapter Six:Visit to the Fire Nation
Her parents had to return to Republic City, they were desperately needed at the City Hall meeting, so they left that night, when Sakura arrived home. They gave her a kiss and a hug, shutting the door behind them, leaving the young Avatar in the house all alone.
Sakura sat at the dining table, with a steaming cup of tea, listening to the clock echo through the room until the sun brightened the new sky. She sat there staring into nothing, her hands grasping the hot cup, until a loud knock on the door caused her to jump. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t want anyone to come in to her home right now.
Too late.
She heard the door open and shut softly and wasn’t surprised when Kinto rounded the corner with a soft expression on his face. Seeing him made her heart clench, as she remembered the night before.
“What are you doing Sakura?” her best friend asked, walking closer to her. “Have you been here all night? That tea looks ice cold.” he reached ou
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The Legend of Sakura Chapter Five: Funeral
The whole tribe hiked up to the Spirit Peak, in the middle of the cold stormy tundra, to attend Azar’s funeral.
Spirit Peak was the Southern Water Tribe equivalent to the Northern Water Tribe Spirit Oasis. It is a spot that was touched by the spirits, not the moon and water spirits, but by Raava, the light spirit that inhabited the Avatar and Vaatu the dark spirit. It used to be a desolate lifeless forest in the middle of a blizzard, until Avatar Korra opened it up when she was a young girl.
Now it was a considerably smaller circle of trees, with a small pond in the middle of an enormous clearing, and similar to the Spirit Oasis in the North, it had spring-like weather, every season.
Sakura stood at the edge of the pond with her parents beside her, and Azar’s body laying on a sheet of ice just above the water. She held on to her parents as the villagers began to gather in the clearing, removing their coats, hats and mittens, laying them at their feet, then kneeling down in
:iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 1 3
The Legend of Sakura Chapter Four: Phoenix
“Am I dreaming?” Sakura thought to herself, as she floated through this strange space. It had grass and a blue sky, but there were little specs and odd animals all over. She reached out to touch one, as her fingertips brushed the floating spec it came alive and spoke to her.
“Miss Avatar! Wow! It has been a long time since us spirits have seen you!” the little mouse-butterfly squeaked and floated closer to observe her face. “The last Avatar- the Airbender, he wasn’t very nice. He neglected the spirits, he wasn’t a very good man. You’re not like him though, we can tell!”
Sakura reached out closer holding her hand out. “Thank you, spirit.” she said as the mouse-butterfly tried to perch on her open palm, but instead fell through.
The spirit squeaked again and began to fade “Oh no! Miss Avatar something seems to be wrong!”
“What? What is it? Spirit?” Sakura asked the fading mini-spirit beginning to pa
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Avatar OC: Skar Valdis - AtLA/LOK by Pixleigh Avatar OC: Skar Valdis - AtLA/LOK :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 7 0 Holiday Cake Truffles by Pixleigh Holiday Cake Truffles :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 1 0 Avatar OC: Hana Quan + Princess Senzena -AtLA/TLK by Pixleigh Avatar OC: Hana Quan + Princess Senzena -AtLA/TLK :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 29 1 Avatar OC: Katajina Long -AtLA/TLK by Pixleigh Avatar OC: Katajina Long -AtLA/TLK :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 10 4 Avatar OC: Daruka Vasuda -AtLA/TLK by Pixleigh Avatar OC: Daruka Vasuda -AtLA/TLK :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 12 0
The Legend of Sakura Chapter Three: Fire and Blood
Azar was screeching and roaring loudly as the shelter began to crumble above the two. With no water to put out the fire Sakura was unable to help her Spirit animal who in turn, she knew felt the same. She knew this because Azar happened to be not only her friend, transportation and a rare pet, he was connected to her spirit, and Sakura’s spirit was connected to his.
“Azar!” Sakura cried out as loud as she could over the raging flames that engulfed the entire shelter.
A loud cry from Azar as he pushed through the flaming rubble and ash, nudging Sakura in the back knocking her over. With a surprised yelp from the Avatar he took hold of her shirt in his beak and spread his fiery wings, unharmed by the flames, then took off up into the sky, lifting the both of them to safety.
The spirit partners hovered for a moment observing what had just happened. Thankfully the Nomads didn’t build much out of wood so the rest of the temple was safe from the flames.
Azar floated t
:iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 0 3
The Legend of Sakura Chapter Two: The Beginning
The celebration was an absolute success. The heavy beat of drums pounded in rhythm with the guitar and woodwind instruments, making Sakura’s foot tap out of sight under the table. The duty of the Avatar at these gatherings was to greet people, and receive their thanks much like a wedding, except, there were no gifts or silly ceremonies to adhere too.
Sakura sat in the middle of a long table at the front of the room along with the Collective Council of Elders, although almost all the Air Masters hated her, at the moment they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Father Bae-Jung a terribly wrinkled man with small grey eyes and short white beard laughed as an Air Acolyte offered him a dessert from the tray in his hand. The two of them laughed as Bae-Jung joked that he would take the whole lot if the boy did not take them away as soon as possible.
All this happiness really uplifted Sakura’s spirit, still, she had been at the Eastern Air Temple for almost three years now, she mi
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The Legend of Sakura Chapter One: The Avatar
WOOSH! A large gust of wind flies right past five orange and yellow clad Air Nomads, causing their hair beards to dance around their faces. Four of them cower back in fear except for one, the woman in the middle with small brown eyes that are encircled with soft wrinkles. She continues to watch the Air Bending display in front of her intensely with a fascinated thin smile on her face.
The display is fantastic as the girl before them twists her hands, opening her palms then bringing them together to create a large gust of wind; an offensive move. She dips backwards landing on her left hand, twisting her body kicking up her feet spinning the air with her movements. When the girl is inches from landing on the ground behind her she pushes off with the Air movements she created seconds ago, jumping over the man acting as the ‘enemy’. The enemy turns to her arms poised and sends four slices of air towards her. She twists her feet evading the first two and ducks down just i
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He always knows how to make me smile by Pixleigh He always knows how to make me smile :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 25 3
The Legend of Sakura
Like the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar has a path on which it does not stray; though they remain in the same order, the strength of their nature is ever changing, such is the world. With the integration of cultures bending is gradually beginning to perish along with their teachings. Associations have been emerging far and wide, with one common goal; to exterminate bending. Leaving the world in a divided and turbulent state, that only the Avatar can repair…
A strong gust of wind sails across the rocky floor as the two Airbenders land atop the bell tower that overlooks all of Republic City. The taller one with a small brown goatee clad in the classic orange and yellow dress of the Air Nomads smiles as his grey eyes overlook the beautiful view before him.  “Come on Jae! Quit gawking at that dirty city, you’re an Airbender for Gods sakes, you can view the city from above any time you want!”
The man turns his a
:iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 5 4
Avatar Sakura OC - AtLA/TLK by Pixleigh Avatar Sakura OC - AtLA/TLK :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 15 8 Avatar OC: Kinto Zei-Kai by Pixleigh Avatar OC: Kinto Zei-Kai :iconpixleigh:Pixleigh 24 4


Dragonball Super - Raspberries! by longlovevegeta Dragonball Super - Raspberries! :iconlonglovevegeta:longlovevegeta 368 75 Taste the Flamebow by ashlelang Taste the Flamebow :iconashlelang:ashlelang 945 46 Pyroland by ashlelang Pyroland :iconashlelang:ashlelang 483 23 Daily Paint #1098. Turtle Burger by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #1098. Turtle Burger :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,615 222 Daily Paint #1103. Pizza Cat by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #1103. Pizza Cat :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,452 322 Master Assassin by TheMinttu Master Assassin :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 1,181 121 Run or die by kawacy Run or die :iconkawacy:kawacy 15,132 523 Thanks immune system! by Missangest Thanks immune system! :iconmissangest:Missangest 94 20 Love wins by Missangest Love wins :iconmissangest:Missangest 386 66 Fan art: Include the mustache Jodie. by Missangest Fan art: Include the mustache Jodie. :iconmissangest:Missangest 407 19 Everything Great in Life by Missangest Everything Great in Life :iconmissangest:Missangest 218 64 Cocoa Moo? by Aleccha Cocoa Moo? :iconaleccha:Aleccha 474 72 Dark Link.I like em shirless. by sakimichan Dark Link.I like em shirless. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,976 282 Wraith by doubleleaf Wraith :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 2,464 43 Dystopian Moon by Qinni Dystopian Moon :iconqinni:Qinni 7,378 0 Magical Transformation Tattoo~ by Qinni Magical Transformation Tattoo~ :iconqinni:Qinni 9,569 268



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm old, I'm a professional Chef and Guide Writer at Zelda Universe on the side. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead, The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan.

I write stuff and cook stuff. Look at it. Like it.

thx bye!
Hello to every one that vists my page! Even if it is only one person a month! I appreciate your time to visit my page, see that I have nothing of value or awesomeness and quickly click away.

I haven't updated this baby in over two years! I can't believe how quickly time on July 10 2012...I was getting ready to go to College for the Culinary Arts. Now two years later, I'm all done, currently working two jobs: One as a Cook at a restaurant and the other as a Guide Writer for Zelda Universe! Incredible!

Life has been such a journey in only two years.

Other than work I have a solo project going on right now: The Legend of Sakura. My own Avatar Fan fiction with a ton of Original Characters created by a friend of mine and myself.
I have been commissioning a few artists to help me bring my vision to paper so all of you can visually enjoy my creations, as well as the written part which I am providing. 
The book started as a short story, and quickly turned into a short chapter book. I plan to write twenty chapters roughly four to ten pages long, I am currently beginning the writing of Chapter six and will be continuing to post the chapters on this website as I write/proofx2/editx2.

If you get a chance to read it, please tell me below! I would love to hear your feed back!

Another thing, since I have two jobs and this personal project I do not have much time for personal cooking, but I will try my best to upload some photos of food that I have cooked/baked for your viewing pleasure!
  • Listening to: Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One
  • Reading: The Legend of Sakura
  • Watching: Attack on Titan
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
  • Eating: Grapes
  • Drinking: Herbal Tea



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